How do I create a backup SD for my Aeros


I see a thread on how to create a backup SD for the BB but I don’t see the steps for the Aeros.

So far, I’ve taken my main SD card, inserted it into my mac and saved the songs. That’s it.

What do I need to do in order to plug in a new SD and make it a backup?

Thank You,

There are probably other methods that Aeros users or Brennan will chime in with:

  1. To make a mirror image of your Aeros SD card (this method should include any hidden files): Mac OS - Make a Backup Copy of Your SD Card - Moody College of Communication - UT Austin Wikis

  2. No idea if the Aeros SD has hidden files so don’t know if this would be as helpful as the first method:
    If you want to create a duplicate of your Aeros’ SD card,

  • insert the Aeros card in your Mac’s SD slot reader
  • create a folder on your Mac’s desktop and name it whatever
  • select all the files within your SD card and copy
  • open your folder and paste files
  • insert new SD card in your Mac slot reader—no need to format the card (you can use delete to delete old files and then Empty Trash)
  • select all files in your folder and copy
  • paste files into your backup SD card