How do I create a custom song list?

I want to put together a set list containing specific songs that I do with my band, so that we can do smaller gigs without our drummer. I want to rename the songs to the actual song title and save them with the correct tempos.
I created a folder for the new songs but I can only move the desired song into the folder from it’s original location.
I want to copy it and keep the original content as it is.
How do I do that? Is there a manual that shows how to do that?

Here you go:

Might be good to watch the other tutorials on the “Singular Sound” YouTube channel as well :


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This is just what I needed. I didn’t realize I had to use import export I was trying to do it using the cut and paste commands.
Thank you

No problem. Glad to have helped. There is a lot of great info put out there by the helpful BB user community…just gotta spend a little time to find it all :slight_smile:
Good luck and enjoy. cant wait to hear some of your final outcome in the future.