How Do I Get BB to Remember Beats w/Infinity (or vice versa)?

I’m new to this, looping and midi so excuse me if this is a noob question.

After I create my loops with drum beats from BB on the Infinity how do I get them to remember what beat, tempo, etc go with which preset on the Infinity. It seems like after I save it on the Infinity and go do another loop when I return to the previously saved loop on the Infinity it doesn’t remember the previous BB song or tempo and plays whatever the last thing on the BB was.

Is there a way that one or the other can remember what was done previously so that I don’t have remember and reset everything each time I go back?

FYI, I just downloaded the most recent firmware for each. I’m using the BB Midi Y cable with an extension going from the OUT on the BB to the IN on the infinity.


Also, the Infinity seems to lose midi sync (arm light no longer flashes in time with BB tempo) after each time I record something. I have to power everything off and back on. Even then it doesn’t always come back.

I don’t think B.B. sends any midi command that would tell the Infinity what preset to access. More troubling, though, is I cannot find a midi command in the Infinity documentation that calls individual presets. You can increment up or down by 1, but not jump to, for example, preset 25. I think, therefore, the only way to handle this is to manually call the preset on the Infinity, then get to your preset in the B.B. You could, with OnSong, add a comment to the lyrics reminding yourself of the number of the Infinity preset, and then have OnSong call the B.B. song and set the tempo. But, if you are going to have to use OnSong and have an iPad as part of your rig, you might as well get Quantiloop, and dispense with the Infinity.

Sorry, I know that’s not the answer you wanted.

[]Are you saving the loop as a preset? If so, not sure it’s saving correctly.
]Other users have commented about pitch and tempo changes on the looper and it may have to do with how you’ve configured the settings on either your Infinity or the BB. Here’s a link to a possible solution:
[*]If you’re interested in using MIDI to control your Infinity presets, here’s a link that might help: (this is different than the Infinity manual that came with your looper).

I’m following the manual. It’s pretty straight forward. I’m not sure what I could do differently. Suggestions?

I did find those and have been trying to figure them out. :slight_smile:


I could have sworn I read or saw something that said the BB would recall the correct drum beat and tempo for a song. Maybe I dreamed it. :smiley:

Maybe I misunderstood what you’re trying to do. BB does recall its drum beat and tempo for a song. You save those as defaults with the song when the song is created in Beat Buddy Manager. But, what I thought you were trying to do was have Beat Buddy call up a loop preset in the Infinity. That’s a whole different thing.

What are your BB MIDI settings?

This is what I want to do. So I need to do it with BeatBuddy Manager? I haven’t messed with that yet. I’ll download it and check it out.

Is there a manual for BeatBuddy Manager? I have to say that documentation for both BeatBuddy and Infinity Looper is pretty scanty and hard to find.


There’s a user guide for the BeatBuddy at (YMMV whether it helps or not). Make sure you download the latest version of the BBM app from

Management of all songs/beats (files and folders) are managed using the BeatBuddy Manager. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) regrettably does not yet have the capability to manage the pedal (firmware settings). The application for the Infinity Looper does, though.

You can try this to see if it helps the BB to start and stop drums and loop in both pedals. There’s also a solution for doing the same thing using the Infinity app (in the link that I provided in post 5 of this thread)
– press Drum Set and Tempo to enter the settings menu
– scroll to and select Main Pedal
– scroll to and select MIDI Messages
– select MIDI-OUT
– scroll to and select Sync
– change to Disable and back out of the settings

If you have a MIDI controller, you can use it to manage MIDI on both the Infinity and the BB.

BB Manager is pretty much the key to do anything worthwhile on the BB. It’s a full emulator of the pedal, as well as the file manager for the pedal…

Yes, I see that now. Thank you for leading me there. I’ve been working with BB Manager for the last hour and that seems to be the ticket.

@persist Thank you for the links! They have been super helpful.

You guys rock!