how do i get keyboard sounds onto beatbuddy pedal

how do i get keyboard sounds onto beatbuddy pedal

  • make sure you’ve updated to the latest f/w and BBM versions
  • download a song with keys (OPBk) and note which drum set it requires
  • find, download and install that drum set from Resources/Drum Kits into the BBM
  • in the BBM, click the Drum Sets tab and scroll to the kit you just imported and click the checkbox
  • try out your song in the BBM; Save Project
  • use the BBM to sync to your SD card
  • note that some drum sets separate the bass and drums into L & R channels and will require that you use both the left and right pedal outputs (or the headphones jack)

Thanks Persist
I’ve tried and that works fine but How do the keyboard parts get embedded in the song or Kit ?


For that you’d probably need to hear from those users that upload the kits here: Phil, Phil Flood and GarryA

You have to do both. Get the keyboard part in song and in the kit. There are quite a few keyboard kits already posted to the forum. When I build these, I have the keyboard sounds mapped to midi starting at C3, C4 or C5. Download a couple and open them up to take a look at those kits. I just posted a method for doing that under “How to change relative kit volume” in Technical Support. Instrument sounds are added to a drumkit using the Add Instrument function in the BB Drumset Maker. You have to add a wav for each note.

To get the keyboard into the songs. You need to edit a midi. Take a look at post #9 in this thread for that tidbit.

Start by looking at that stuff, and then experiment a bit. Then feel free to ask me questions.

Many thanks Phil I will give it a go and get back to you with some questions . The beat buddy pedal is excellent and I had no idea of the full versatility when I purchased it . I used it on a gig last weekend only for a couple of songs and the audience feedback was very good with comets such as "Wow that drum machine took you to another level "

I’m really impressed at the help available on this forum.