How do i get midi files into beat buddy?

I have downloaded a few midi files from the midi library. How do i load them into the SD card? I use a Mac and i can place the SD card in a slot in the mac.

You need to import them via the BBManager:

After you set up the BBManager, here’s how to import full song packages you purchased from the library:

Thank You Beat Buddy Support. If this thread did not provide the necessary information youtube was my next destination. Will these midi files load the same way as the purchased files?

Loading MIDI files are done by clicking on the song tracks (intro, main drum loop, fills, transitions, and outro) and then selecting the MIDI file you want to place there by navigating to its location on your computer. If you downloaded it from the internet (versus making it yourself) it is probably in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

If however, you are trying to import individual songs, it is done via File > Import > Song.

Let me know if you need further assistance with any of this. :slight_smile:


When purchasing BeatBuddy tracks, and downloading, I put them in individual folders i.e. “Ballad Beats”, why can’t I import the whole folder? How do I get these onto my SD card while it’s in my computer?

[]Are you using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to a) Export Project to SD card (done for the first time) or b) Synchronize Project to SD card (if you’ve already exported your project)?
]Maybe this video tutorial will help: