How do I get NP Standard Pro Bass?

How do I get NP Standard Pro Bass ?

Seems like a bunch of songs I have need this.

I purchased Standard Pro- drums & percussion for $10.00 from singular and I see in this thread

NP Standard Pro Bass

If you contact Phil, he’ll send you a copy. I have no idea how to contact Phil and or yotta yotta . The struggle is real … lol

Thanks in advance !!!

These kits might be acceptable substitutes: NP StdPBass 63-91 or SUB-Std Pro SWN Bass 62-91

Thanks for the reply.

I’m having a hard time finding SUB-Std Pro SWN Bass 62-91.

Maybe I’m searching wrong also. technology is tough … lol

Wow thanks.

It’s a Jungle in here for me. Tech is tough for a geezer but I’m getting there !