How do I get rid of a song?

I downloaded the new SD card file, but am not sure it was on the SD card properly. So I added a whole bunch of new songs in Gig 1 folder. When I went to export to pedal it said one song did not have a complete drum fill. So I looked through everything and found a new song in the blues section that was empty. So with that song on there it would not synch or export to pedal. So to get by for a gig tomorrow, I downloaded an old BeatBuddy project, but now I do not have the blues folder, because the only way to get rid of the empty song was do delete folder. Feels like 1 step forward but 32 back.

Watch this video which explains the basics of the Beatbuddy manager.

I thought while doing all of that I would make a copy of my SD Card so I took a new SD card and copied the download to it, but when I try to export to the SD Card now it reads one song is missing a main drum loop. So I checked every drum loop in every folder and that is not the case. Guess it has to do with trying to use a New SD card. This stuff drives me nuts. About ready to go back to finding a hungry drummer.

BBManager 1.5.0 will explicitly point you which song exactly is missing a main drum loop. It will be available really soon.

Great, now if I can just keep from pulling my hair out on this one. I copied the download SD Card to a new card. Then tried pulling up an old project file and downloaded that onto the heretofore Blank SD Card but when I plug it in to the Beat Buddy, I get No Song, Genre: Time sig ./. On the old SD Card I found an error that I must have hit add song and of course it was blank, so when I tried to sync it would not allow me and I found the main drum loop on the add song. So I deleted the folder for blues, now I am having a real problem getting the blues folder back to my original SD Card.

BBManager 1.5.0 would also help you with deleting folders - you will be able to undo it right away.

Currently to add back a folder to your project is making another project from SD Card Backup archive from the download page, and export the folder you need from there. You will get a .pbf file. Then re-load your original project and import this .pbf file there.

Thanks Daef, I did it, downloaded new files, brought everything back, and ended up with two SD Cards that function when I plug them into the BB machine. Maybe it was a little divine intervention from Psalm 40 that finally ended up getting the job done, but that is hard to believe because my language was pretty bad in the middle of the whole project.

Yeah, most of the time @Psalm40 really makes wonders. The other time he is just super helpful.
I am extremely glad we have people like him on the forum :slight_smile:
…And that’s really cool you have sorted your problems out, @Jim Anderson!