How do I get the app latest firmware?

Hello, I have had this thing for months and been waiting for it to be useful outside of the programmed Beat Buddy functions. I see people talking about an app but I don’t see it on the App Store. I also see people talking about firmware updates. I bought this direct from SS. Why am I not being notified of updates and the app? How do I get these features @BrennanSingularSound or @DavidPackouz please advise. Thanks.


There is no iOS app yet, only Android. The Android is still a beta, but it is available on Google Play.

I am in the same boat as you, waiting for an official iOS release.

Hello there,

Yes, the above comment is correct, we are still in the development process for the iOS app after severe COVID delays, we deeply apologize for this frustration and are working as quickly as possible to remedy the situation.

How much longer for at least an iOS beta @BrennanSingularSound? This thing is just sitting here waiting to drive my midi pedals since I ordered it at Christmas.

@iajrz can you help?

Hello, everyone.

@mildwest we’re currently slated for the iOS alpha to come out before Monday, and full release two weeks later.

Can I be added to the beta team?

I have an alpha list – please send an email to with the subject “MM App iOS Alpha” so I can have your email there.

If your App Store email is not the one you’re sending from, please add it to the body of the email.