How do I import purchased beats that don't have portable files?

Hi all, I’m a newbie to BB and I am working on understanding it. I purchased a blues beat package from GrooveMonkee that claims they are mapped to BB and work with it. But I can’t import any of the BB mapped files to BB Mgr. I look for them when importing and the files are not visible even though they are where they are supposed to be and I can see them when I am not trying to import. GrooveMonkee said they sold me midi drum files that are not portable and I have to use BB software to create portable files. I cannot find anything telling me how to do that. Help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

In the file drop down the import option is for sng files or folder files only. Midi’s are used when creating a song in beatbuddy manager. Click the + Song button in the main song page and it will bring up a new song with nothing in it. Click on the song part you want to add like say main loop and then find your midi file in the pop up window there.

Thanks Guitar Stu! That works! I was going about it all wrong. I suppose I assumed I was buying something like BB offered as original content (songs that are ready, just load them and use on BB) and what I purchased was a set of midi files that go into BB via the process of building a new song and clicking on the individual sections of each song in order to grab the midi files and bring them into BB. Two different ways of getting content into BB. Thanks again for your help.