How do I post a song to this forum?

Only one question,
How can I add a song file in this forum?

Seems complicated at first but it’s easy once you get used to it. There’s probably different methods, but here’s how I do it. Because I usually post several files as a package, before I start, I zip the song(s), MIDI source file and cheat sheet. If you are only posting one file, you probably don’t need to zip it unless it’s one of those file types that Discourse doesn’t accept.

  1. Hover over the blue dot
  2. Click on + New Topic
  3. Type song title
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select the category (it could also be Beats)
  5. Type any notes for your song
  6. Click on the Upload icon
    6a. Click Choose Files to open your navigation window. Note acceptable file types in light gray text!

    6b. In your navigation window, click on the file you want to upload
    6c. Press Choose

    6d. Press Upload
  7. Press + Create Topic

You can replace all of the steps in para 6 if you are comfortable using Drag and Drop from the Explorer or Finder.

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