In 6x6 mode I want to record 5 separate tracks (each with one part only) that do not all play at the same time. I want t record an INTRO, VERSE, CHORUS, BRIDGE and OUTRO. I just cant seem to achieve this as when I record a song all TRACKS play at the same time. Can any one help and is there a specific video tutorial as I have not been able t find the appropriate tutorisl despite 6 months of trawling youtube. Thanks in advance. Tony

From the videos I have watched basically once you record your first full track, say, the drums, then you start over on track2 and do your intro, then track three for the verse, etc. but only come in Where you want it to come in, and it will count you in right on the beat. There is a good video series by Steve Stine here:

Hope it helps.

Hey there,

You may be confusing how the Aeros works with how other loopers traditionally work. The Aeros does not have the same relationship between tracks and parts as say RC505. The RC 505 and other loopers typically have two modes, sequential and parallel. The user will decide if they have multiple tracks playing parallel to one another or if they have multiple parts each with one track in it.

The Aeros on the other hand is both a sequential and parallel looper. Tracks that are all in the same song part will play back in parallel. You must record audio in another part so that it does not play back at the same time as other tracks. So, simply put, you have to actually change the part on the Aeros to record the tracks in separate parts, then switch between the parts to play each recording.

The bottom left button on the Aeros controls the Part Selection

I highly suggest you check out this video for some more info on how to use the Aeros

Thanks for the question!

Thanks Brennan. I have watched Steve Stine’s video series many times,(all of them and also all the singular sound and other videos that independent people have posted) but I still cannot do it. I just tried for about 4 hours again but still no luck. My problem is that once I record a track (in both 6x6 or 2x2 mode) I just can’t seem to get to a second track to record it ( I sometimes do by accident but can’t figure out how I got there). On the rare occasions I do mange to record at least two tracks, I don’t know how to get to it . For example, track 1 may be an intro and then track 2 is the verse, so, I start playing the intro and at the end of the intro I press the “Next track” button but it takes me into recording a new track (or new part ).

Finally, I bought the MIDI Maestro thinking I could use it to achieve what I just described but again, it didn’t work.

Is it possible to make a video that shows:

  1. How to record a number of tracks (the steps)
  2. How to play them back when performing.

I would be forever grateful if Singular Sound could do this. I’ve spent months and hundreds of hours on this so any help appreciated.

Maybe treat each part as a track?? This is very interesting as I being a new user, would like to exactly what you are trying to achieve. Hoping someone at Singular Sound will help or a user.

I think you are using the term “Track” for what in our terminology is “Part”. Use the button “Next part” when you have recorded the intro. That brings you to the verse.

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