How do I registrate my BeatBuddy?

Hi everybody!

I bought a BeatBuddy a few weeks ago and I should registrate it before 30 days of purchased.
In the BB instuctions I read that I should go to web address Start – Singular Sound
Once you are there there isn’t any option to register what you have bought.

If you could register your gear, how exactely did you do it? :thinking:
We should write the gear’s serial numbers, but where?? :smile:

Thank you for your help!

Scroll on the page of the link you provided until you see the contents as in my screen shot, fill in your info and when complete, press the red Submit button:


Actually I saw that, but I thought that you just hah to fill that if you need to download user’s manuals etc.
I will do it and after that everything should be OK.
Thanks again for your help!! :+1::+1: