How do I restore default content to SD card?

Honestly, we’ve had nothing but problems with the beat buddy but it isn’t due to the product, it is due to our lack of computer skills. We found a guy on youtube who created several songs for churches and explained how to download them onto your computer and put them on the beat buddy.

Those songs work great!!! The issue is, all of the original tracks that came on the beat buddy are gone. We’ve tried to put them back on but it keeps telling us they’re not importable files. What are we doing wrong?

Assuming you installed and set up the bbworkspace folder on your computer using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), you should have the Default Content 2.1 stuff available.

  • Use the BBM - File - Open Project and navigate to your bbworkspace folder user_lib/Projects and either select or allow the BBM to open your Default Content project.
  • BBM - File - Export - Project to SD card and accept prompts for future synchronization
  • BBM - Songs - New Folder and name the folder but do not use special characters or a period (.)
  • BBM - File - Import - Song and select the songs you want in that new folder (you should be able to highlight all of the beats or songs; press Open
  • BBM - File - Synchronize Project and your content should now be available on your computer and your SD card.

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Thank you soooo much!!!

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