How Do I Roll Back the Firmware?

I preferred the firmware previous to v1.85, partly because the new firmware does nothing that I use, and partly because it “broke” a few things I DO use. Specifically, if I trigger an outro, used to be that I could stop it using the second external button, and that would be the end of the song; now, if I cut the outro, the song goes into Pause mode, rather than Stopped mode.

Can’t have that, want my previous firmware back – unless this is also a new behaviour we can now edit/turn off.

How do roll it back (or edit it)?



I think you can still configure your external button to Stop however, the answer to your question is, yes, you can revert to a previous version. If you are using a beta version of the BBM, you might not the best of all of those features either.

Thanks for the quick response!

I’m not using Beta, and if I can change the outro/external button behaviour, I won’t need to roll back. Any idea what I night need to do?



Try this:
Press Drum Set and Tempo buttons on pedal at same time; > Footswitch > Footswitch Functions
1st Switch Stopped > Song Back (in song list)
2d Switch Stopped > Song Advance (in song list)
1st Switch Playing > Pause/Unpause (press and hold pedal button to STOP)
2d Switch Playing > Outro Fill (triggers)

BTW, when stopped, pressing and holding either 1st or 2d foot switch enable entering the Genre Folder and then clicking either button moves up or down thru the folder.

I probably should have mentioned I have the original latching switch. I like everything the way it is, except that now when I interrupt the outro, it pauses rather than stops. That is the only thing I want to change back.

Dunno if I’m being clear, but I hope so…

Thanks for your help!


Try this: once you interrupt the outro, press-hold the main pedal switch. It should stop. If you just click the main pedal switch, it will unpause it so make sure you press-hold. Let me know if it works for you

Nope, doesn’t seem to work with latching switches. I’ll try with a momentary switch, that might be the trick.

Did the math, and none of that will help me the way I use the pedal. How do I get the previous firmware (or behaviour) back?



I use the stop button the same way the OP does and have found the same thing with the stop and pause button. After triggering the outro then hitting the pause button you can hit the outro button again and it will turn the song off but I feel your frustration as I was used to it the other way as well.

For me it’s a minor issue that I am all ready getting used to and will keep with the current firmware. I am no help to you winding back the firmware. I assume you will need to reset the device back to factory then load up the firmware you want.


  • Use BBM to Synchronize Project with your SD card;
  • if you saved the older firmware versions on your computer, expand the version you want and then,
  • copy the 5 firmware files to your SD card and let them replace those files on your SD card. No need to delete all the files from your SD card;
  • once you’ve copied the older firmware files to your SD card, put the card in your pedal and plug in the power; let the update process finish (usually less than a minute or so). DO NOT interrupt the update process on your pedal.

If you can’t find a previous firmware version, let me know which older version you were using that you were happy with and I’ll pull it up for you.

I didn’t save the older firmware – probably should have. The last one that worked the way I do was the one previous to 1.85. Can’t remember the version number, but I was up to date when I updated to 1.85. Maybe you could send me the last two versions?



I’ve included 1.4.1 and 1.77

Keep in mind that you are going to trade off functionality to get a single function that you are comfortable with so you might want to start with 1.77. If you decide to give 1.8.5 another shot to see if your can adjust to it as Guitar Stu has done, it’s available from

I would keep a copy of 1.8.5 handy. Good luck.

If I can get back to the previous-most-recent version, I’m sure it’ll be fine. But I will keep copies of all three versions, just in case.

Since I don’t see any reasonable use for the change in behaviour, is there a way to request that the next version goes back to what the previous versions did, i.e., interrupting the outro with the Pause button (typically, the right external button) ends the song?



Oh – and thanks very much for your help!

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