How do IExport Drumset/Song to BeatBuddy

So I finally got my BB and wanted to transfer the Drumsets and Songs I’ve made with BB Manager.

Making new drumsets and songs was pretty intuitive but how to get them transferred to the BB has so far being a total mystery.

If I click export Song, Folder, Project to pedal or Single Project in BB Manager it only takes me to Windows Explorer.

I tried to copy the files directly to BB but it wont show up on BB at all.

Did not find any info about this in the manual or Quick Start Guide either.

Am I missing something here ?

Forum Search is your good friend <>. Daefecator posted this a few days ago. Hope it helps.

Step 1. While preparing to the show
The process is exactly the same as Windows BBManager, you just use a Mac Beta version from this thread.

  1. Open BBManager.
  2. (optional, should be done only once) Import the project from pedal via Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal.
  3. Select a folder (or create a new one via Organize > New Folder).
  4. Import a song (SNG) to there via Import - Export > Import Song.
  5. Export the project to pedal via Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal.

Step 2. While on the show (playing live)
All the songs should already be in necessary folders as currently there is no way to drag songs between folders without BBManager.

Forum Search is apparently NOT my good friend because I couldn’t find the answer !
Maybe it’s because no one has ever exported songs/drumsets yet.

It’s far to complicated/frustrating and have made me lost all my content plus I have gotten a gazillion error messages and crashing BB Manager.

Hopefully it will be A LOT more intuitive when it’s out of beta stage.

These things should be as easy as drag and drop.

We are talking about musicians here, -NOT rocket scientists :smiley:

Somehow I managed to get my own Drumset and Song onto the SD card via my card reader by first saving as project.

If I try to Import the project from pedal via Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal I only see 4 folders DRUMSET, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS on the SD card.

All folders except SONGS seems empty.

The SONGS folder have 23 other folders that also seems empty so I really cant see what I am supposed to import since there are no file to choose ?

Every time I start BB Manager now, there are no Songs at all !

Does your pedal still have songs?
If that is the case, simply Import Project from Pedal (select the SD card location). Your BBManager will have songs again.
If not, you can download the default content from the download page, extract it and then Import Project from Pedal and select the folder where you have unpacked the archive to.

Yes BB has the Songs

Regarding Import Project from Pedal see my previous post !

Choose the root of the SD Card.

Read this:

And this:

You may also find my video tutorials helpful, despite being a different version the processes are virtually the same.

Oh I -forgot to say that I have a strong aversion against manuals :eek:

If I HAVE to read a manual, -then somewhere somehow something isn’t intuitive enough.:confused:

But I will take a look.

Thanks !