How do you change a MP3 file to a MIDI file?

How do you change a MP3 file to a MIDI file?

Short answer? You don’t.

Several users have tried with varying degrees of success. They posted their results on the forum last year.

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Hey Persist do you have DON’T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS or ON THE HUNT or THAT SMELL" by Lynyrd Skynyrd?

I’ve got MIDI source files but I’ll have to check out the quality first. Will let you know via PM this weekend.


Changing an mp3 to a Midi is not possible by just a “save as” or convert to action. it is a process. In short my approach for just the drums to midi.
I use logic for this.
Import the mp3 on an audio track. I then drum only the basedrum on the whole beat. so like 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4. the tempo of the mp3 can vary a lot, my foot tries to follow that tempo. i then use the “flex” tempo features in logic to detect the tempo in my basedrum track. that is much more accurate then to let logic try to detect the tempo in the mp3. I then apply the tempo on the imported mp3. then i remove all tempo changes by drawing a tempo that is close to the average tempo of the song.
then i quantize my base drum together with the mp3 on the quarter notes. this may distort the mp3 a bit but we do not care, it is just a reference.
All this to get an mp3 with a steady tempo.
I then record pieces of drums (play on the midi drums or use finger pads on any drummachine or use your keyboard) in the spirit and dynamics of the song. If you are not the best drummer like me you can record the snare first using your best hand and do basedrum and rides etc in an extra record loop.
Because you have a fixed tempo you can now easily repeat loops. to fill up the entire song. BB will do the looping for you so just try to extract a few pieces that you need to make a complete song.Play some fills, intro and outro
Tinker with it, quantize if you need. draw extra notes, remove notes, velocity. Then export midi sections to seperate midi files (i fail to get this done in logic so i use the free studio one software for that.) have fun!

Just checking if there is any new functionality to do this. I have a couple of drum beats from an older Korg drum machine that I would like to import into BB. Is this possible?

I tried a free MP3 to midi converter but get errors when trying to load into BB Manager.

From mp3 to MID, it’s still nigh on difficult to impossible. The technology just isn’t there yet to provide a complete and accurate conversion.

I’ve read in a lengthy thread on another forum that an engineer stated that although software such as Melodyne would work, you would still be better off inputting the drums manually.

If you can get the MP3 into individual parts, it can be done. But a full drum kit is difficult and will have some errors. The Ableton converter does a reasonably good job, and could get you in the ballpark.