How do you copy or locate BB default drum kit sounds?

Hello BeatBuddies,
Is there any way to locate the sound files of a standard BB drum kit and use them in another kit? I see the Percussion kit has two sets of tambourines, and I’d like to copy or use the sound samples in the other BB drum kits or my own drum kits.

I see you can copy over an entire drum kit to a new drum kit and pick up the existing samples, but how to I get samples from multiple kits into one new kit? For example, take the tambourine from the Percussion drum kit and the Bongo from the Latin drum kit and put them into my kit?

Thanks, Dan

Earlier beta versions of BBManager were unpacking WAV files to your workspace directory (the one you’ve set when installing the software) at the time you double click the drum set name in the second Drum Set tab in Project Explorer (lower left corner) of BBManager.

This is not the case in the current version. I have just checked the source code. It looks like this was made intentionally.
As I am not the original developer, and I am bound by NDA as well, I am not sure I can share any more information. I also didn’t hear anything from David regarding this issue.

There is currently no documented way to get WAV files from BB drumsets. I can provide a workaround if I am allowed to.

Thanks for the info Daef. Despite the reasoning, it would be great if MIDI notes could be copied from one drumset to the other.

Yes, one of the first things I did when I got my BeatBuddy is moved MIDI note 38 from a Standard drumset to MIDI note 40 into Metal. That was really a breath of fresh air to me!.. Until I wanted to try something new and use a Jazz drumset…

After that I realized why using MIDI note 40 in my patterns was a bad idea, and why simply replacing all notes 40 with 38 is a much better idea for current firmware implementation.

As you may already know, there is the limit of no more than 100Mb of WAV samples total per drumset. This effectively restricts the overall MIDI notes coverage. I would like to focus on improving that.

We will make this more easily accessible in future software versions.