HOW do you DESCRIBE the BEATBUDDY to your friends?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could help me. :slight_smile:

How do you describe the beatbuddy to your friends and musical peers who have never seen it in action?


Probably the easiest way is to show them the demos available from the Main Site

I have - but for the sake of argument, in your own words how have you described it?

LOL Funny because this past weekend I tried to explain it to a Friend who’s a great Jazz Piano Player and I really could not put it into words that really gave it the recognition it deserves. I’m sure to him it just seemed like another drum machine.

So something similar happened to me, so I got to thinking and this is what I jotted down. What do you think:

The BeatBuddy is the ultimate drama free drummer :wink: It’s a hands free drum machine, with authentic sounds and tones. Also, its award winning.

I have found, much to my chagrin, that some people assume that I am using a karaoke track or the actual recording when I use my BB. It goes a long way to prove the quality of the sound but it also sucks to be associated with the “K” word. After I play my usual songs without any backing, I now explain the BB and basically how it works to the audience. Which saves me time because I am often asked about it along with my vocal harmonizer. I see performers explaining their loopers so I thought It would be appropriate. Plus, I like to tell people about my BB.

Thank you Jim, I agree and do the same!

I lose people when I tell them how cool it is to be able to manipulate the songs using a midi note editor. I personally get excited about how powerful the editing part of it is but my friends don’t get it when I try to tell them how powerful it is. I can see their eyes glazing over like what? This is not a complaint - :slight_smile: I’m just saying.

Same here when I bring up midi editing. I feel like a brain surgeon or something. But I felt the same way when I started in this forum, VERY OVERWHELMED. But if you start working with it and watch the tutorials and ask questions, pretty soon… Boom! You got it down. I spend hours working on the songs and love it. The only problem is that my eyes start to fail me. I need a bigger monitor.