How do you do a complete reinstall of Beat Buddy Manager?

I had ton of problems with my attempted install of Beat Buddy manager. It installed BBWorkspace to a folder that did not have write permissions.

Long story short, I have tried uninstalling (all Beat Buddy components) and reinstalling, but it is clear that the uninstall is not a clean uninstall (Revo uninstaller found hundreds of files left behind), because the reinstall is not going the way it went the first time. It is not putting content into the Library folders. No drum kits, etc.

So how does one COMPLETELY uninstall Beat Buddy so that a completely fresh reinstall can be attempted?

Wow – did a complete deep uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and resinstalled and it still won’t install drum kits!

And this is really weird. In the default_lib folder in the drumsets folder it has reinstalled default_lib and user_lib folders complete with all the folders!

Again - nothing in any of the “song” folders or “drumkit folders” – only the midi files seem to be getting installed.

Once you import the drumset into BBM you need to go to the Explorer section below the virtual BeatBuddy and click on “Drumsets”. You should see a list of all of your drumsets that are in BBM. You have to activate them by checking thr box on the left of each drumset. I had a hard time finding that out. I hope that this helps.

Thanks. That’s not the problem. The reinstall is just not installing any drum kits, so there’s nothing to choose from.