How Do You Feel About Equine Conservation?

Bad camera angles and a board mix built for our PA, and we still end up with something too fun not to share.

How about that, @DeafBunnysBand? :slight_smile:

Ha! I thought the guitarist had a talk box. But it’s just a long straw! That’s awesome!

Nice job on the song. I’m not a country fan, but you can’t escape that tune. hahaha

Was that one of the standard beats? How did you get to the simpler part during the breakdown section?

“The Straw” is a most excellent and wondrous piece of engineering!


Seriously, we like to bang through songs with very little gap in between to keep people on the dance floor, which means that, while I’m working the Beat Buddy, the Atomic, playing guitar, and singing, I don’t have time to drink water between songs. So, big glass of “virgin scotch and water” in a Swirlygig and a really long straw is how I stay hydrated without slowing the sets down.

In answer to your other question, as you probably guessed, there is almost nothing stock about the parts to this version of Save a Horse, although all the parts started with one of the stock patterns. And it required a few extra tricks as well – like running the solo part into the breakdown, because I don’t have time to switch everything while I exit the solo.

Working from memory, I am pretty sure the bulk of that breakdown started with a 4/4 count.

FWIW, there are standard parts that were close to what’s called for, but I really want the drummer to play what I want him to play, so I spend the time doing the programming.

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