How do you prevent recording the button click when using a mic?

I tried my aux pedal and it doesn’t seem to activate recording as I had thought it might.

I’m getting a very loud click in the end of mic recordings that I could probably avoid if I just flip the fader on my mixer down before hitting the button, but I thought Id tap the hive mind here and see if you folks have some cool solutions I might not have thought of.

Thanks in advance for the assistance :heart:

My only suggestion is press and release lightly. 2nd suggestion is to wait for better midi implementation and then get a midi controller of some sort that has soft buttons / less noise and use it.


The same case for the Maestro. It has the same noisy buttons. This is the reason why I got the SotfStep2. Haven’t put it to use yet, but I’m getting there …


Thanks, I appreciate the help.

So with regards to MIDI commands, I’m looking at the MIDI spec in the manul and I don’t see a “PLAY” or a “STOP” command, am I missing something? Are you using your MIDI controller to trigger a start/Play command (ROP/3rd button) in 6x6 mode.

Take note as to why I said “2nd suggestion is to wait for better midi implementation” above. Better midi implementation (STUFF THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FROM THE BEGINNING) is supposed to be coming after recording time extension. So maybe in 2 months or less I really hope?


Okay I see. Yeah thats essential for people using this with a close mic. Hence why the Roland ugly as it is has soft pads so theyre noiseless.

Had the same issue. Waiting for midi implementation on this. :slight_smile: someone said you can replace the buttons yourself but that would ruin your warranty.

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thats smart great idea

midi functionality is there right now with arduino my diy pedal works

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There is now an Aeros Gold edition that says it has “silent switches”:

Wish I could have silent switches on the Aeros AND the MM.