How does new firmware/BBM affect songs and Projects?

I have not tried the new firmware/BBM yet because I am a bit afraid to install it and lose all of the custom controls I’ve built in to my Beat Buddy and associated files. So, in addition to asking you what, if anything, you noticed going sideways with the new firmware/BBM, I have specific questions:

  • Did you have to open and resave the projects (i.e., do they upgrade too?), or do they just work as-is?
  • Have you had any issues with custom drumkits or added notes in the songs (e.g., bass notes)?
  • Am I going to have to retrain the BBM about where files are, or does it just pick up the configuration of the previous version?

Okay, what else ya got? I need to know what to expect, because I make car payments with my BB, so I can’t afford to be down for very long…