How does one delete unwanted songs from the editor and unit?

Cannot figure this one out. I have some early song imports I want to erase but cannot see how to it.

Create a new folder, and drag what you don’t want, then delete the folder. Not sure if there’s an easier way.

Just delete the song in your project from the computer then sync the BB and they will be gone…

On your computer, find the song u want to delete then click the “X” in the upper right corner if I remember correctly…

That will remove the song from the playlist then when u sync, it will be gone…

You might want to export the song so you have it incase you change your mind

One of the first videos Singular Sound did while crowd funding demonstrated this, there is also the tutorial thread the Beatbuddy Manager manual (the link for which is in my signature) and I also demonstrate this in my video tutorials.

Psalm40, I was trying to get to an easy one before you so I can contribute to the BB community… Lol…

Gota try to pay it forward for all the people that put in work and shared it with the rest of us…

Well I try and get in before Daef :wink:

You know as much as I look for things when I need to know something, this was one of those bigfoot snipe hunts where nothing came up. It would seem to be a page one thing as when I learned to put songs in the BB I of course needed to organize them better. I saw the create folder and all that but nothing to really say “to delete a song…” Got all the export/import thing but not how to get rid of something.
So as I understand it to sum up:
-create a new folder, export/import what you want into it, then delete the former folder of unwanted stuff
-when done, sent the project back to the pedal
-something about ticking the “X” in the corner, but I am unclear as to the corner of “what”

(do correct w anything that makes things simple)

New units can make you stupid for a time; get a guitar synth and feel like a moron for a couple months…

Anyway, great forum, still getting used to the unit and trying to get how to use some of the user song things.
I am after and all Zeppelin/Pagey song renderings, that is a just whole lot of fun. Achilles Last Stand, what a cool one that would be.
The hard thing for me to get used to, which I am sure others must run into it, is that this is not a auto “play through the parts” unit, you have to work with it while it is playing. Sort of hard to condition yourself. sort of like a wah pedal, you really want one, but after you have it you always forget to use it.

all here in writing no less, I just was not able to find this. I watched most of the tutorials I could find but did not realize this doc was here:

Yea man… I’m a lil bit of a tech guy and it helps with stuff like this but at the same time I’m only a lil bit of a musician soooo… Lol

In short (FYI) summary of how to delete an unwanted song:
-click folder, select song
-move to right screen, highlighted song
-click X in upper right corner of song’s highlighted window area

Other useful organizing things:
-move songs around in folder by dragging to change place
-one can create or delete a song folder on the main menu selections
-you can delete songs in any folder (see above)
-use import song to load in a new folder or existing folder
-import/export is a constant thing, to load up folders and save or send data
-oh yeah, this one got me, the picture of the BB on the editor is active and the buttons do what the pedal does, I had no idea.
-was also not clear being new to the unit that one can completely customize the entire play library on the unit. Delete what you do not like or use, there seems to be a ton of memory, have not seen how one can see the usage or plausible number of songs as length is factor, maybe an SD card reader but I do not have one, yet…

Thanks for the effort to help,
I have a tech and musician background but sometimes when you are new at a unit it takes a little schooling to get things understood.
I felt mentally impaired when I got my guitar synth that took months to master, complex little monster. The BB editor is simple once you get a few basics down, I guess I missed the delete song info or it did not register at the time.
Really liking the unit, have to get used to actively using it rather than a loop play through.
I was laughing today, it’s sort of like a wah, you really have to have one, asap, then most of the time you forget it is there.
(Guitarists will get that joke.)

It would be good to include the “Delete Song” option in the drop down menu somewhere as with the other options as that is where most people would look.

Nice try! You won this time :stuck_out_tongue:
I am extremely busy right now, polishing the new BBManager build!