How edit content (Midi/Songs)


I downloaded a user-created song from the forum but I want to change some notes on bass.

Can I edit a sng/midi file?


Yes you can edit. Best method is to Export to MIDI the song section that needs work and then use a DAW or MIDI editing program. When done, add the file you just edited to replace the song section.

You can use the BBM built-in MIDI Editor but it’s not very efficient for anything but changing one or two notes.


I exported the midi but when opened it in guitar pro only appear drums, not bass.

How can I export the bass too?

If the bass and drums both play in the BBM, when you Export to MIDI file . . . , that exported file should contain both the drums and bass in a single track (just as when you added them to the BBM). The type of bass kit determines the range (0-31 or 61-93) for the bass.

I’ve never tried to edit MIDI in Guitar Pro so I don’t know why the bass is not showing however, when I opened the exported file in GP, it appears to treat it as just a drum kit. If I export that same file to MIDI from GP and open it in Reaper or Logic Pro, I can see both the drums and bass (61-91 for the bass, if that’s what you intended).

My suggestion is to use Reaper or your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice.


I test in two ways and now I understand how midi files works in BB.
Right, if I open in GP a midi file exported from BB only show the drums but the same file in another player show me drums and bass.

I edited a song exported from GP to put both instruments in the same track and now I can hear bass and drums on BB.


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