How I spent my morning.....

Setting this up!


I’ve got a few of the same pedals. Where’d ya get the pedal board?

It’s a Holeyboard. They are out of Minnesota, S. Paul I believe. This one is the Big Kahuna, but they quit making this exact model. They have a what is called a Big Square, I think, which is rectangular version of this one, and they have several other smaller versions, and some newer ones made or aluminum or composite, which are real nice.

I made my own but drilled holes like yours to zip tie the pedals down. I have a mess of cords on my board. I also leave all of the cords hooked up to make set-up faster when i take it out of my Pelican case. It’s quite a contraption.

I was thinking about doing that myself, for a second board, but the plywood that Holeyboard uses must be some special order from the mill, because it is lighter than any comparable thickness plywood I can find.

Yeah, mine weighs a ton.

I printed out a full sized picture of the holey board and made my own. The time that I spent would have more than earned me enough to buy two holey boards. Live and learn.