How long did it take for your BB to arrive?

I ordered mine jan 8 th 2015. Has not arrived yet. Who or how can I track this ?

I remember waiting for my BeatBuddy for at about 7-8 months. But those were the early pre-order times :slight_smile:
I’d recommend asking BeatBuddy Support through private conversation about when the new pedal shipping wave begins.

Thank you for the reply ! … I see no way to track or chat with any one with Singular Sound. pay pal told me to talk with the seller?

Yeah, don’t panic just yet!

Either drop support an email at, or send a private message (start a conversation) here on the forum with BeatBuddy Support.

I ordered mine on 12/5/14. Received it on 12/20/14.

I ordered mine on 1/4. It was shipped on 1/7, and I received it two days later…

Order mine Jan. 3rd. received Jan 10th. came usps.

thanks for the reply I got mine this weekend.