how many bars do I need to import to BB software?


I downloaded some guitar pro files and edit them, so how many bars do I need to import to BB software to create drum loops, fills etc.?



That is a good point. I created a new song yesterday from a midi backing track I had. I tried to create fills that were the same length as the stock fills you find in the default drum sets. But it seems that I made a mistake and made them too short - or at least shorter than the default set. However this didn’t appear to make a difference to the functioning of the BB when the song was loaded: it simply played the shorter fill without missing a beat - which I thought was impressive. I would like to know the official line though for both fills and song parts.


(This is half-official)
As far as I know, there is only an upper limit on overall number of MIDI notes. No matter you import 1, 2, 3 or 7 bars (as long as it’s a whole number), BeatBuddy will play them looped them from first to last.
Earlier firmware versions ensured that all the fills and transitions end at end of the bar, so you could have 0.5 bar fill, that will always be applied only to the second half of the current bar no matter when you triggered it.

But what was the question again please?