how many folders can i create? it's only letting me create 2...

i am trying to create new folders so i can start building setlist for church playing. BB manager let me create 4 new folders, but after i synced up to the sd card…it was only showing 2 folders not 4…is there a folder limit? or am i doing something incorrectly?

Generally a 99-folder limit with up to 99 songs per folder.

Make sure you’re not using special characters in the names of your folders.

does it matter if i have songs inside the folders yet or not? the folders i created are still empty…i still dont know why even tho i created 4 folders…its only showing 2 inside the pedal folders list?

It doesn’t matter. If you don’t have any songs in the names of the folders, the folders without songs in them will be grayed out on the BeatBuddy. The folders with songs will show with a darker font.

Please tell us the names of the 4 folders along with which version of the BBM you’re using.