How many mono instruments through Aeros

I was wondering if I can get 4 mono instruments go through the looper. Lets say - 2 guitars to MAIN IN (L&R) and 2 synths to AUX IN using a splitter adapter cable. And then everything out through MAIN OUT. Would this cause any issues or things to consider?

Also, can I output stereo cable from the main out of the looper, and set the output to mono in the settings? The next device in my chain would accept only stereo TRS. So i hope dual mono or something like this would work?

I hope I was clear… let me know if not :slight_smile:

Hey there, in basic terms, yes!

The Aeros is not however a “multitracking” looper, the audio that is recorded into any of the inputs will be written to any track that is currently recording/overdubbing. If you record and playback in stereo, you can separate the L/R channels to their own speakers but cannot separate Main L from Aux L or Main R from Aux R.

This may change in the near future but there is still some question of how much further we can push internal routing, so stay tuned!

In essence, if you record each instrument one by one, you should have no real issue doing this.

Thanks for the question!

Awesome, thanks!

So if I put the setting to MONO OUT (main out), but I use both L&R MAIN outputs to speakers/mixer, I will still get a mono signal, just equally split between L&R, or will it boost the overall volume?