How Quantise backing tracks in aeros loop station

Hi all, I have exported some backing tracks without drums into my aeros loop studio, I have a beat buddy linked into the aeros loop studio via midi.Can I quantise the new drum track from the beat buddy with the backing track that I have exported into aeros loop station?

Pretty sure the only way to do that is to match them up in a daw first so that the midi beats (chosen from Beatbuddy manager and saved to your desktop) match exactly with your wav files and then re-import them to the Aeros.

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Thanks Rudolf, I was thinking that, do I have to use beat buddy manager or can I midi straight into the DAW. Iā€™m using Alberton live 11?

My pleasure. Pretty sure you can only fetch the midi files directly from the Manager and then import them into your daw from whatever folder you made on your desktop. good luck!

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