How the heck do I find the new stuff among all these re-ups?(Tutorial)

Instead of just using this tab:


Use this tab:


That’s it!

Thanks for pointing out this ‘new resources’ link Phil.
I usually dl all the songs when they first appear, never noticed this link before.
I’m not sure which ones are my ‘finished’ files … mostly in between all my rejects that didn’t convert to BB very well. :frowning:
I’ll submit my ‘work’ pbf’s that I’m using in BB mgr after Xmas,/NY’s gig.
I’m sure others will appreciate the efforts made here by the forum contributors . :wink:
I do agree w Persist’s comment about having to break apart pbf’s for the tune wanted, (more work)
I’ve had to do it a few times myself after saving sets, … I also hope SS resolves this issue.