How to add a 3/4 tempo with triplets

HI there.

I am trying to create my first song in beatbuddy.

I am using the BBManager Midi Editor and I am trying to create this song:

The song is Alicia Keys - If I Aint got you.

ok, the time signature is a 6/8 with triplets, so I need 18 quavers.

I am not be able to do that with de BB mid editor. The editor always divide my compass in 12 16 20 parts, but never 18 :confused:

How can get 9 or 18 time parts?

At the end I uses a 18/4 tempo. I am not sure if this is the best solution, but i didnt find another.

At the end, 18/8 best solution.

In order to works at time with the song, i use a 60bpm.

But I have another problem Now. Differents parts of the song (in bbmanager) works at different speed… :confused:

I generate a mid in one main loop. I export it as midi file. I create another main loop and insert the mid file (so I have a song with 2 parts and same mid file in each). The first main loop goes slowler than the second loop…

This mid editor is not good or it is a problem about the BBManager?

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

As you have found out, the BBM MIDI Editor is not good for anything but very light work. I only use it to verify that there are no unsupported notes in a song. Others do not use it at all, preferring their DAW instead.

Some users observed that although different Main Drum Loops will play different tempos and time signatures within a song in the BBM, it will not do so on the pedal. This is spotty at best. Users have been asking for this capability for quite a while now.

Phi Flood has posted tutorials on how to edit MIDI files with a DAW to play different tempos within one-press songs. The same principles can be applied for use in DAWs other than Logic Pro X.

As you comment, the tempo problems seems to be a BBManager problem. In the Beatbuddy pedal the song runs at same speed.

Best regards.