How to assign the Expression Pedal to MIDI channel 10

I send various commands via iPad app. Channel 1 commands go to the keyboard.
Channel 10 commands go to the BeatBuddy. I fixed everything on the Maestro to work now on Channel 10 but see now way to make the expression pedal that works in OMNI mode work just on Channel 10.
Unlike the other individual commands you can edit them per MIDI channel but the expression pedal doesn’t seem to offer any settings. Anyone know how?

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I also would like to know, can we assign the expression pedal midi channel to control the beatbuddy volume

Still waiting for an answer on changing the cc for the maestro exp pedal function

This is not possible on the app, we may have a solution for this but there is no solution at this time.

Thanks for the question and your patience

This can already be done with version 1.5.0 in the App Store or play store, simple go the EXP Pedal Setup in the menu