How to choose the different sounds for midi?


Can anyone tell me how I can choose between the different sounds for my beat.

For example there are about 10 different Tom s available in the Drumset (beat buddy manager). But how can I choose which one to use?

Thanks for ur reply


In short: through setting MIDI note volume.

Every WAV pattern in a drumset note has a volume range XX - YY, where 0 <= XX < YY <= 127.
Every MIDI note in a MIDI file has a volume ZZ, where 0 <= ZZ <= 127.
If pattern’s XX - YY range contains ZZ of the MIDI note, then it is suitable to play this MIDI note. It is important, that more than one WAV pattern is allowed to be suitable for a single MIDI note. If that is the case, only one WAV sample from them is chosen to play that MIDI note using a special top secret algorithm patented by Singular Sound (read: chosen at random).

So, let’s say you have 3 patterns A.WAV, B.WAV and C.WAV for a MIDI note 40 that all have range of 60-75. If you compose a MIDI drumset track [ 40(61) 40(73) 40(70) 40(62) ] - four quarter notes with volume specified in brackets, your BeatBuddy would play something like [ B.WAV C.WAV A.WAV C.WAV ], or [ A.WAV C.WAV A.WAV B.WAV ], or… I hope you get the idea.

I got it. Tank u very much. Perfect.