How to cleanly end loop/song?

Having trouble finding a way to cleanly end a song. Stopping is too abrupt. Other loopers I’ve used has\ve a fade out option. Is that coming to Aeros soon? Any other ideas?

volume pedal?

I don’t use a volume pedal.

Yes, fade option is coming, it’s been a very popular feature request.

For now, the best thing to do is a manual fade out on the volume wheel, but yes we have fade-outs planned, it is only a matter of time. Thank you for your patience here.


I’ve found it hard to do gentle fade out with the wheel.

Can I ask: is the mapping linear-with-volume or logarithmic?

Hi Brennan!

Can I ask if it is a viable solution to use a Volume pedal, as some have mentioned, to fade-out the entire looped arrangement?

I’m currently an RC-300 user and am really motivated to go Aeros soon! Just need to know if I can implement some reasonable technique to fade-out while waiting for that feature in the firmware etc.

Thanks for the support and the dialog!

This is what Dev gave me

inline float getGainValue(int i)
if (i > 0) {
// With this formula, x = 0, y = 0.00371756
return 0.00371756 * exp(0.0495105 * (float)i);
} else {
return 0.0;

They also said:
At each encoder step we increase / decrease the value by 5, but we can reduce it (and add a future setting for Encoder sensitivity)

This is something that we intend to do in a future release, it is not currently a very high priority but it is definitely coming soon, it should not be a huge thing to implement, the biggest thing is likely the changing settings to achieve this and change in behavior to accomplish it.

Stay tuned!

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