How to Clear a Track

About a month ago, I started a similar thread, saying that I couldn’t clear a track in 6x6.

I updated to the latest firmware last night, and I tried with 2x2.

It looks like I could clear the audio contents of a previously recorded track, but it’s not the same as totally clearing it because the loop length remains set. There needs to be a way to “start over”, without resorting to the STOP ALL / CLEAR ALL button on the left.

Any suggestions?

You are right, unless you re-record on the track the loop length remains set. However, when you re-record on the track the loop length changes to whatever you want for the new recording.

The procedure in 6x6 mode is:

  1. With the Aeros running and the track selected, double click on the right hand stomp switch to mute it.
  2. Hold down the same stomp switch until the word “Record” appears above it.
  3. Wait until the other loops reach the bar before you wish to begin, then in that bar press the same switch again. You can then begin recording in the next bar.

I don’t know about 2x2 mode because I don’t use it, but there is probably a similar procedure using the RPO stomp switch for that mode.

This no longer works with the latest update.

Undo last recording (track or overdub in 2x2 & 6x6) would help me tremendously. I’m still learning, so this function may exist & I just don’t know how…

Same here, seems like that feature is not working for me either.

You can erase a track to the point that it won’t play, but it still shows on the screen (maybe for the undo option)… I haven’t found a way to go back to it being clear completely… but once you record over it, it’s gone…