How to confirm drum set was loaded?

I bought the Singular Sound Ludwig Vintage Drum kit and followed their directions for loading it onto the BB. It seemed to load, but there was no message in BB Manager confirming that it loaded correctly. I couldn’t find a way via BB Manager or the BB pedal itself to confirm that, indeed, the Ludwig set did indeed load. How can I confirm that the drum kit loaded onto the pedal?

Couple of different methods:

  1. Click on the Drum Sets tab under the Virtual Machine in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Scroll to the bottom of the list and check that the Vintage Ludwig box has been checked and if not, check that box.

While in the Drum Sets, select and double-click the Vintage Ludwig drum set and it should load the wav files. You should see a thermometer style bar at the top of the window; it should be colored (MOD EDIT: replaced color “green” with colored) and indicate a percentage >100.

  1. This might be easier and that’s to click the Songs tab. Select a song and click and hold the Default Drum Set within the song area (not the Default Drum Set that’s at the top of the BBM window). This should open a dropdown menu and you should scroll until you find the Vintage Ludwig kit. If the Ludwig kit displays, it’s a safe bet that it loaded. Just to be sure, audition the song and you’d hear the drums.

I used Method #1 and Vintage Ludwig doesn’t appear at all in the list which would suggest that it’s not loaded. However, when I tried your Method #2 and clicked on a song then Vintage Ludwig appeared as the Default Drum Set. So, isn’t there an inconsistency there? What to do about it?

Also, in front of Vintage Ludwig in the Default Drumset drop down menu is an asterisk (*) symbol. What does that indicate?

So, again I’m confused that Vintage Ludwig does not appear in the Drum Sets tab, but does appear as the default drum set in many of the songs.

Thanks for explaining that seeming inconsitency and suggesting what to do about it.

Thanks for circling back with the details of what you experienced.

The asterisk in front of the drum set name is a sign that the drummer might still not be loaded.

Sometimes all you have to do is quit the BBM and the launch it again. If you are still having issues, let us know and we’ll walk you through some more steps. Or if you prefer, contact and they’ll help you out.

Here are a couple of screen shots to help you confirm that the drum set was imported and activated.

If the drum set is installed, this is how it should appear under the Drum Sets tab. Note that installed kit’s names are italicized.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 7.55.21 AM

If you double-click on the Vintage Ludwig name, it will display the kit in the right pane of the BBM with the thermometer and percentage.

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I decided to load the drumset again so I put the SD card into the computer (a Mac running Big Sur OS 11.7.10) and I got this error message saying there wasn’t a valid workspace location. When the card is in the BB pedal it all works fine, so I’m confused by this message. I checked the manual, but can’t find what to do so I didn’t go any further.

This post should help you locate your bbworkspace folder.

Perfect!! Killed two proverbial birds with that stone. I located my Workspace Folder and once I had set it my Ludwig Drum Set appeared in the Drums list so I checked it and all seems good now. Very appreciative of your help. Without this forum I’d be lost!!!

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