How to copy and modify beats on SD Card

How do I copy a beat (like say country 6) to a fold I have made on the SD card, so that I can modify it and still have the original copy on the card. For example I see some have made recommendations to use country 6 , tempo 83, brushes for the song “Desperado”. But how do I copy that beat to my folder so I can modify it.

Use BBmanager to export the song then import it into the folder.

Thanks…little slow headed sometimes :wink:

Not at all. I think I learned that one from reading posts on the forum as well.

I tried searching for this question, i am sure its been asked. I am using a Mac with latest firmware and OS.
When i save a song in BBM then place the SD card in the Pedal. Both the drumset and tempo change.
How do i keep the saved song in BBM from changing when i try to play it in the pedal.
many thanks