How to Copy Drum Track to Ableton Live

I’m a newbie to Beat Buddy and apologies if this question has been asked/answered before! Can’t find it!
How can I export/copy a drum track (song) from BB for use in Ableton Live? (easiest solutions please :slight_smile:

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This works for a one-press type song. On a Mac trackpad: hold-click on the song section (per the attached screen shot, it’s Song v3 to bring up a sub-menu. Select Export MIDI File . . .

If it’s a stock BeatBudddy multipart song, you’ll have to repeat the process for each song sections that you want to export.

Thank you, can the whole song or sections be saved/exported as wav or mp4 files and not as midi?

Just want to play the song as it sounds in BB in Ableton! How?

I was able to record BBM to Audacity through my computers soundcard. I don’t have Ableton, but I might think you could do the same with Ableton. Screenshot is ‘Blues 1’ as recorded in Audacity. I did export to an mp3, but as well could be a WAV or other format.

You can use stereo mix to record the sound from BB Manager, or you can hook up your BB pedal’s output to the input of your sound card/audio interface, and then use Ableton to record from that input.

Thank for replies.
Ta Phil - so simple, I’m now embarrassed I asked the question!