How to: Copy / Paste Instrument?

Hi Everyone

I just bought a new drum kit (the Boham one) and want to turn it into a Drum + Bass Kit (with my own E Bass Notes). Is there any way to copy the Bass Notes I have in another Drumkit into my new drum-only kit?

If not: I think this would be a super awesome feature team beatbuddy! Thank you!

Yes, you can! There is a sticky on making drum kits here in the Drum Kits forum , titled
[SIZE=6]How Do I Make Drum Kits for the BeatBuddy?[/SIZE]
Not my bold, just how it copied and pasted. One important note, you need to have enough room in the kit for the samples. I do not have the Bonham kit, so I don’t know how big it is. But, go into Drum sets on Beat Buddy Manager, and double click on the kit’s name. A window will open with the names of the drums, midi locations, and at the top, there will be a % bar. Kits need to be 100mb or less. That % will tell you how much of the 100mb is being used. Bass samples can easily be 1mb per note, so, keep that in mind.

Awesome Phil! Thx! I must have over read that! Will try it tomorrow! Have a great day!

Hi Phil. I have gone through your posted post now and I think I mean something different. What I mean is:

  1. I have a cool drum + bass set
  2. I want to copy ALL the bass notes (instruments) from this set
  3. I want to paste it into a drumset that has no bass instruments what so ever yet

→ One copy paste event to copy 16 or 20 bass notes.

Nope. Gotta do it one by one. You have to use Drumset>Create Instrument, for each bass note that you want to add to the kit. And now, understanding what you want, I absolutely agree with your first post. That would be a cool feature! It would have saved me lots of time.

Ah cool. Yea sorry my English is a bit rusty. So yea - I think it would be a great feature for a next BB Manager update. I will mail that to the Beatbuddy team! Thx Phil!