How to create a one note outtro?

Most BB outros are crazy wild. I want to create an outro that just just plays a one beat cymbal/bassdrum crash after my 8 bar last verse. I created a 2 bar midi file with the hit on the first beat. But it behaves erratically. Sometimes it plays as soon as I double click and then repeats a few beats later. Or sometimes just goes silent immediately then plays a few beats later. How do I create a midi file to play what I want for the outtro? At what point in the measure do I have to trigger the double click?

Why not use an accent hit?

Drag at least one of the notes out to the bar ending of the 2nd bar. Make that 2 bar midi be the full, complete outro midi.

@Persist: I want to end the song with a crash AFTER the last 8-bar phrase, not just an accent with the song continuing. Also I don’t want to have to nail the timing of my click to be on that last beat, I’d like to be able to hit it at least somewhere in the last measure.

@Phil_Flood: I had a bass drum quarter note along with a cymbal lasting 7 beats. I extended the cymbal to the full 2 measures, but now when I double click, the song immediately ends with no crash at all. I’ve attached a zip of my song and the midi files if you want to take a look. (3.6 KB)

I notice a lot of outros have notes starting late in their first bar with the closing crash in the 2nd measure. Do outros start playing in the last bar of the phrase, immediately when they’re triggered?

I’ve played with your song and edited the loop and outro, and I get inconsistent results with the virtual pedal. In my setup, I have the cue fill settings on the pedal set to Next Measure. This gives me more leeway with timing, and, I think, it also gets rid of the inconsistent triggering problem, as it gives the BB a moment to see what’s coming. Try that setting with the pedal, and see if it makes a difference. Let me know the results.

Setting the trigger to Next Measure works fine for the Outtro, thanks! Unfortunately, it also affects the Fills, which I’m used to hitting in the measure where they feel right. Takes a bit of thinking which is hard to do while also playing and singing!

I’ve been working on an app for my touchscreen laptop that controls BB via midi. For me, it’s a lot easier to use than to hit another pedal in the various patterns. I’m hoping that a firmware update may soon provide some additional midi capabilities that I’ve mentioned to support. That would allow me greater ability to pull up patterns as I wish.