How to create a song from BBM Loops

Being new to BBM, I’m confused as to how To non-destructively create a song once I’m in a loop library?
Is it a choose/paste arrangement and if so, where do I paste to?

Info on the process would be really appreciated.
I’m using a Macbook Air.


There are probably a couple of different ways of doing this using the BBM:

  1. This is just to get a song or beat part into a new song for editing
  • Songs - New Folder (give it a name)
  • Songs - New Song (give it a name)
  • Find the Main Drum Loop you want to use as the basis for creating a new song; hover over it until a white frame appears and then CMD-C to copy it
  • Return to your new song and hover over the Main Drum Loop and then paste
  • Save your project often
  • Now you can change the tempo as desired or make light edits
  • If you need to edit the MIDI, recommend you Export MIDI File… and use a DAW (digital audio workstation) to make the edits—otherwise you’re in for a tedious process trying to use the BBM MIDI Editor.
  1. This is another method of taking an entire default beat (including Drum and Transition Fills to lightly edit using the BBM
  • Select the beat you want to non-destructively use as the base for a new song from one of the genre folders
  • File - Export - Song (to desktop)
  • Songs - New Folder (name it)
  • File - Import - Song (select the beat you exported to desktop; give it a new name)
  • Save Project
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