How to create songs (Beatbuddy/Reaper) ?

I just installed Reaper in my computer, but I do not know how to use it to create songs for Beatbuddy. I do not know how to import my drumkits in Reaper either. Are there someone who could give me a quick course or a link where I could have an explanation? I would like simple explanations (I’m not very experienced with computers …). I just want to make use of Reaper to create songs for Beatbuddy with bass. Other functions of Reaper does not interest me. I really need basic lesson. Thanks !
Luc (Montréal, Québec)

There are two tutorials on the forum. Here’s the link to one of them:

Thank you ! It will be a long road for me considering that English is not a language I have perfectly … But I’ll try …

Luc, as long as you make an effort to learn and then come back here for help when there is something that you cannot figure out, you will do fine! Users here are always willing to help when they know you are trying your best.

Anyone have bass kick drum with crash cymbals together as wave format? Thank you…

Luc, si tu as besoin d’un coup de main, laisse moi savoir. Je ne suis pas un expert mais je peux traduir…

No problem if you would like to help another French-speaking user, Papaya. But please use Conversations (private messaging to do so). Keep the forum in English so that we might all benefit. Appreciate your understanding and ongoing support. :slight_smile:

Understood, no problem

I’m very proud to be part of this community, a lot of really generous and helping people. Thank you !