How to create your own drum beat and bass line in Rock With Bass Drum Kit?

Hi I am new here and just got my Beatbuddy which is very cool drum effect to edit your own drum beat into the songs.I just download a drum kit called Rock with Bass on the other Beatbuddy forum.Question is when I try to create the drum beat and bass line and hit play , there is an error. Anyone encounter this and how to solve this problem ?Please advice thank you.

The older forum is a wealth of knowledge. I just went there and searched for “with bass video” and scrolled down the list. I came up with this thread:

Cool. Just as an aside, the same search string should come up with the same results as the old forum.

It would be helpful to know where your error is, and what it consists of.

  1. You downloaded the kit. Do you know how to import a kit? From BBManager, File>Import>Drumset. Once the kit is imported, click the checkbox in front of it name in the list of BBManager drum kits to make it active.

  2. You created a bass part and a drum line. Was this midi? If not, it needs to be.

  3. Assuming you created two tracks, one with midi bass, and one with midi drums, the bass parts needs to be transposed up several octave, such that the notes in the bass part now falls between midi 62 and 88, D3 through E5.

  4. Check the drum part to ensure that all drum notes fall between C1 and F2. Transpose any drums at B0 to C1.

  5. Once your drums and bass are in the correct ranges for the drumkit you selected, merge or combine the drum and bass tracks into one track.

  6. Export that one track as a midi file. This midi file can then be imported into a BB Manager song as a main loop, fill or transition.

  7. wWth that part in a BB song, and the Rock with Bass kit selected as the active kit, you should be able to play the part and hear drums and bass.

Thanks LeeMo , I’ll take a look, and yes the old forum is a gold mine !

I think I stuck on the 1st one.When I click the check box the downloading part stops at 96%, could it be the problem of not saving as a midi file ?

No. The drum kit is not a midi file. The drum kit should have .drm as the end of its name. Midi files are used to make parts of BB songs.

If the 96% is what your are seeing once the drum kit LOADS into BB Manager, that is not a problem. The percentage that BB Manager shows is a indication of the amount of available drum kit space being used. BB drum kits are limited to 100mb. If BB Managers shows 96%, it means that the kit uses approximately 96mb of the available drum kit space.

I see. Somehow I manage to get to save the drum and bass line sound after downloading a drum kit called NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp. I did try to use this drum kit to create the bass line but sounds funny. Is this occurred to the transposing part ?

In NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio, the bass notes are at midi 0 through 31. Instead of transposing the bass part up, you must transpose it down 2 octaves. Also, you cannot have any drums placed above B3, as from C4 and higher there are piano tones.

I see , I try to figure it out. Thanks for the patience to explained all these to me, Happy Drumming !