How to customize drum kit

Hey guys,

There are a couple of things I’d like to do with my drum kits. I’m currently use a rock drum and bass kit as well as an 808 drum and bass kit for my acoustic duo shows. I would like to extend the range of the bass so it can go to a low D and a couple notes higher then it currently goes so I can write in some high bass fills. I figure the best way to accomplish this would be to use the bass samples I have in Logic X and make them into wav files for me to use in the kit. I was wondering if anyone’s tryed this before, and if so what would be the best way to do this.
I Would also like to do the same thing with the 808 kit. I want to have different tones for the 808 kit so I can get as close to the sound of the record. Exp. I want to cover Drake’s “In My Feelings” but I want to bass and drums to sound as close to the record as possible, so I would buy a premium drum packege in Logic X and make the wav files from those samples. Think this would work?

Hope this was detailed enough. Let me know your thought.


Under Resources, search for “Roll your own” , without the quotes. I have three sets of samples posted including several fairly complete basses which should do the job for you. Otherwise, yes, you can do it with Logic. What you do is make one sample per note. With the bpm set at 100, make a note that is 2 measures long, using the bass that you want to use. Make a separate track for each note, and name each track with the note name, like Bass C1, for example. Then, select the tracks, and File>Export> X tracks as Audio. X will be the number of tracks your are exporting. After doing that, you may need to scrub the wav files that you are producing with a meta tag remover. I use Switch from NCH software, but there are other tag removers available.

Thanks Phil. I’ll give that a try.