How to delete a song

Hi All:

I’m a newbie. Just got the Beat Buddy yesterday, and learning my way around. Great fun so far.

Out of curiosity, I successfully downloaded and imported a member-created song file. However, after listening to it, I didn’t care for the song, and now wish to remove it from my SD card. Can anyone give me instructions how to delete it. I didn’t see a delete song function in the BB Manager (only saw delete folder in the BB Manager).

Or should I simply insert the SD card into my MacBook, open the SD card folder and move the song to the Trash bin? If I did this, would I then need to go into BB Mgr and synch project?

Thanks for your help.


DO NOT delete the song using the Finder and Trash. This will cause your card to crash. In BB Manager, at the extreme upper right edge the song, just past the Accent Hit locations, there is an “x”. Click that to delete the song. And…Welcome to the Forum!


The highest of the three X’s is the one you need. That deletes the whole song. The other X’x delete parts of the song.

Perfect. It worked! Thanks Phil.

There are also a couple of other ways to delete a song by highlighting the song in the Project Explorer in the left side of the BBM:
[]keyboard shortcut ctrl-delete (delete key on the main keyboard—not the extended keyboard)
]BBM menu Songs > Delete Song

Appreciate your help again, persist. Thanks!