How to delete notes?

Do you know how to delete notes in BB manager Midi drum editor? I see merge, split etc…but no delete option… :frowning:

@weedydog Left click on the note, hold down and drag the value to 0.


No, I mean this music notes /whole, half etc…/ on upper part of the screen.

I can only delete from the end If I reduce the total bars count.

but it will delete notes from the end.

but I want to delete ie from the start of the session.



BeatBuddy Support via Singular Sound Forum ezt írta (időpont: 2019. nov. 14., Cs, 18:54):

I am not sure this can be done in the MIDI Editor as it is not well suited for anything but the simplest of tasks. You are much better off using a digital audio workstation (DAW). For example, I only use the MIDI Editor to check that my songs do not have any Nonsupported Notes and I then use my DAW to correct the issue.

Hi, yes thanks on FB BB forum others also advised to use external Midi editor, what I concluded well, so it is ok, anyway this would be a good development for your tool I think. pls consider it. thanks, Andras

persist via Singular Sound Forum ezt írta (időpont: 2019. nov. 15., P, 12:41):