How to edit MIDI song


I am trying to edit a midi song in order to use it with beatbuddy.

The midi song is “complex”, with a lot of parts… so the Beat buddy MIDI editor is not enought.

As i use Linux as operative system I am using this midi editor (it is multi-platform):

I can edit the song, listen it, save it and load into bbmanager.

My problem is that the “instruments map” is different in the midi editor than in the BBmanager… so I can’t listen the result until I import it in BBmanager… As example my workflow is:

From MIdi editor edit song > Save song > in BB manager remove midi part > Load Song as midi Part > save and play in BB Manager…

And I must do this workflow for each change in the song…

There are any way to Map de midi editor in order to listen the same sounds than in BBmanager?