How to EQ and Pan non-percussion parts?

It dawns on me that if I can cut the 3-5kHz range on BB keys parts and pan them away from center (as I do when two acoustic guitars playing at times) I might carve some vocal space and clear some of the mud I hear in our live recordings. When a single guitar, bass and lead guitar play over simple BB drums there is ample space. Things get cluttered when keys come in. When crafting parts I also don’t seem to get much volume reduction effect from simply reducing the velocity of the parts where needed under the vocals…might be missing something here in REAPER.

You’d have to adjust the pan and EQ when creating the samples for the drumkit. Once they are in the BB kit, the only adjustments we have available are velocity and note length.

as I thought…thanks!

After some thought seems a better road to less mud might be as I mentioned initially - panning vocals slightly (as we do when two acoustic guitars are in play) and cut the mids on the BB mixer channel leaving the vocals space? Shouldn’t hurt the drums or bass and might affect the keys (have to try it)?. I also think I over compress the vocals (Yamaha 1-knob max I think does 4:1) trying to compensate for one guy who gets on top of his and the other who doesn’t get the inverse square rule at all so the added gain brings in too much stage sound vs the vocal.

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That sounds like a good plan. You need to give the vocals space. If you have reverb available as an insert, having the vocals with a slightly different verb from the rest of the mix will also create space. If you can put a bit of verb on the mix with the BB, having less on the vocals will give the impression of the vocals being out front.

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Thanks as always. I’ve learned to go with less FX on vocals to keep them out front. We use pedals like TC Helicon but nothing on the board. When backed by BB only the built in BB room FX on each kit are unavoidable but work. Even bass via BB seems OK since lower frequencies don’t conflict with vocal. Although a song with keys can work - your Willin’ is a standard for us. Problem seems to be some songs with keys can conflict with the vocal frequencies. Add my design error (parts are too busy, mixed too loud).

And any room effect. We played an open field then a week later due to weather moved indoors to a high ceiling overly bright field house. Makes me miss the monthly sessions we did for many years at an acoustic hell masquerading as a local bar. At least I learned from repeat efforts there.