How to find the .sng files for songs created?

One of the best things about BB is that it has caused me to spend time learning how a good drummer works and trying to duplicate those best elements in midi files I’m creating. I think I have some really great shuffle and blues rhumba beats in particular, but also some great rock stuff. So…I wanted to share those, but can’t seem to find the .sng files others are posting. It seems BB has way of storing files, OR I’m not looking in the right place. Any help appreciated…

If your talking about sharing what you have in BBmanger . then you need to FILE , EXPORT , SONG

…and I can just put that in a folder and do whatever with it? Cool.

Go to resources.

Yes, and no. About all you can do with it in that for is save it, share it, or import it into a beat buddy. You can’t put it into a DAW and edit it.

What I like to do is keep a folder on my hard drive of song on the BB, organized like they are on the BB. When I add a song to the Rock folder on BB, I export the song to my BB Rock folder on the hard drive, and then I have a second back-up.